The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2020

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The Best SEO Plugins

The best way to get your page to the top of Google’s search results is through search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO helps web designers optimize their webpages to fit Google, Yahoo, or another search engine’s algorithm. Web search results are ranked using keywords, visitor count, and length of time visitors spend on a page. Large companies can afford to pay for their webpage to show at the top of search results, but for smaller businesses, running a website is already expensive. The extra cost of consulting an SEO assistant or using advertisements would ruin many small ventures. So how can we make SEO technology and web design more accessible to everyone?

WordPress is a common choice for small business owners to host their websites. Since it’s accessible, inexpensive, and easy to use, fully-functional websites are just a few clicks away. WordPress already has a default SEO program that comes pre-installed, but web designers can install plugins alongside it to further improve their webpage. Here are a few of the best plugins for WordPress:

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to WordPress plugins, and rightly so. The plugin has all the tools a novice web designer needs to optimize their webpage: Yoast SEO lets users add SEO titles and descriptions to posts, create an XML sitemap for their page, and even monitor just how optimized their site is based around a target keyword. Yoast’s user interface is clean and easy to navigate as well, making it an accessible choice for beginner web designers looking to improve their webpage.

You can install Yoast SEO for free on WordPress to improve your website. But consider upgrading to the paid, premium version of Yoast for even more customization options and great SEO features.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin is incredibly useful when it comes to SEO, though it only does one thing: check for broken links. If a site has a link that doesn’t work, it will be less likely to show up on the first page of search results. To remedy this, install Broken Link Checker on your WordPress site, and it will notify you if any links don’t work. This will allow you to edit, delete, or dismiss those links with ease. This is an excellent, must-have resource for bloggers who use external links in their posts and cite other webpages, images, or videos.

All-In-One Schema Rich Snippets

If you’re a blogger who loves adding pictures, videos, product links, or any other snippets into your page, All-in-One Schema is the perfect plugin for you. This plugin makes inserting snippets of all sorts into your webpage a breeze. The site also makes snippets easy to add, remove, or edit, without altering the webpage’s original design and layout. For site owners who have products to sell or recipes to share, All-in-One Schema can help make site navigation easy for visitors who want to access your work. This plugin also works great for portfolio pages, since site owners can post their work directly on their webpage, and employers don’t have to go through several different pages to view one painting or film project.

Rank Math

For those looking for a powerful but user-friendly SEO experience, Rank Math has just about everything on the market. This plugin integrates with Google’s Search Console, making it easy for users to know exactly what Google’s search engine is looking for in a first-page-results website. Rank Math also combines Yoast, Broken Link Checker, and All-in-One’s features into one easy-to-install program with 14 types of Rich Snippets supported, page redirection software, a dead page monitor, and even card previews for Facebook and Twitter. If you’re in the market for an SEO plugin that has a bit of everything and a simple to navigate user interface, Rank Math is the plugin for you.

All of these plugins can be installed for free on WordPress, so anyone can share the website of their dreams with ease.