About Me

TL;DR a web dev, entrepreneur, and food geek

Born in Chambersburg, PA, I moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple University where I graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems. People have always said to pursue your dreams and if you love what you do then continue to do it. As a result, my hobby turned career is web development and graphic design. Since I was 15 I’ve taught myself all of the languages and skills I use frequently for my work. With over ten years of experience in the web industry, I’ve helped grow and improve the digital image of numerous brands/businesses around Philadelphia.

When I’m not building websites or talking tech you can find me: listening to my spotify list, learning new coding languages (currently angular and objective-c), or cooking up new things in my kitchen!

IT Skills



Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom

SEO, Google Analytics

Javascript & Jquery


my professional positions and careers

Boiron, Inc. // Present
Web Developer

Dyad Communications // 2014
Graphic Designer
– Created landing pages with jQuery and JS
– Edited various photography shots for web environment
– Developed under ExpressionEngine

PARealtyWorks // 2012
Web Developer
– Renovated website from the top-down
– Included new IDX integrated with Google Maps
– Created various design collateral with PhotoShop
– Updated and maintained all office equipment

Vapesabers // 2014
– Interact with manufacturers for products
– Managed overseas and paypal funds
– Responsible for set-ups at public events
– Developed and maintained website + graphics

CompuData // 2013
Web Developer / Graphic Designer
– Revamped website
– Added content geared towards SEO
– Updated pamphlet and various graphics

WorthyPosts // 2007
– Deliver relevant content to articles, blogs, and forums
– Managed team of thirty freelance writers
– Responsible for marketing/advertising
– Handled funds between clients and writers